Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Breakout Edu

Some of you may have heard about our Breakout sessions. Or maybe you have heard about the clues, and the locks.

Breakout Edu is a great way to get students up and moving while learning. I am loving playing these games with the students, and they are begging for more! 

Our first Breakout game was a blast!

The first clue involved three digit addition that they had to solve, those clue led to a different clue, and on and on. There was a black light and QR codes involved as well. Once they figured out all the clues and unlocked the box, they had a pass for an extra recess!

Our second started with the story of Peter Rabbit. 

Then, we moved to our game. 

This one was a bit more tricky for them. They took the entire 30 minutes!
This game was based on the story “Peter Cottontail” by Amanda Stephens.  Every year, Peter Cottontail brings Easter baskets filled with bright and beautifully colored eggs and sweet yummy candies for each of the children in Green Valley.  “Higglety pigglety, happy Easter!  Peter would shout as he hopped from house to house.  On Easter morning, the mommies would be dressed up in their new Easter bonnets and the children would munch on their Easter candy.  Every Easter was the same, until one year, on the day before Easter…..Wily Wolf has decided there would be no more Easter fun.

“Those bunnies make such a big deal out of Easter,” Wily grumbled.  They sing and dance and they have so much fun, but they NEVER invite me!”  “I’ll show them!  Wily the Wolf waited for Peter Cottontail, hopping along the Bunny trail, and let out a loud, “Roar!”  Peter dropped his baskets and the Easter eggs scattered all over the ground.  Quick as a wink, Wily the Wolf swooped in and scooped up all the eggs and put them in a big lockbox.  On his way into the forest to get away from Peter, Wily has hidden his eggs.  To remember where he left them, he has hidden clues around our classroom in the lock boxes that will lead us to the combination for the Easter Eggs.  We have to use the clues to figure out each lock and collect the Eggs and candy before Wily comes back!

At the end of the book, addition problems came out that let to one of the locks on the box.

The next puzzle was a word maze that led them to open the five letter word lock.

The third and fourth puzzles led them to a directional lock code and a key lock.

They had a blast and I cannot wait to facilitate another one this week for Earth Day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ancient Rome Government

Our third-grade kiddos enjoy learning about Ancient Rome! Today, we learned about ancient Rome government and how we still use a representative democracy in the United States. We acted out representative democracy by dividing the class into three groups (countries), each group voting on a representative, and having the groups discuss an issue (what game are they going to play at recess – kickball or soccer) to vote on. We announced the majority vote to the class, and the winner was soccer! We love learning about ancient Rome and how they contributions influence us today!

-Miss Morris
Student Teacher

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Digital learning on Ancient Greece

This past week each classmate was given the opportunity to create a video by app smashing the two apps Pic Collage and Puppet Pals.


If they did not wish to create a video they choose to write a book and publish it on Google Slides. 

They had a lot of fun and learned a lot about Ancient Greece. This was they end of our Ancient Greece unit and was a great way to show me what they had learned. Here are a few of our projects.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year

I am so glad to be back at work with some great third graders. This week we have been discussing goals and things that we can achieve to make ourselves better individuals. I think they did a great job creating these goals and wanted to share some of their video's.

First we used a graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas and then we wrote a draft of what our goals would be. After we were finished and peer edited our writing we used the app Chatterpix to take pictures of our craft and record our goals.

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I am so excited to get to know your child this year! Please visit the link to fill out our class information form.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day Fun! 😀

Everyone had a great time at field day yesterday! The rain held off until the moment we were finished! It worked out perfectly. 








So many great pictures!!! As you can see they  had a blast!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Comparing and Contrasting

Last week we looked closely at comparing and contrasting and had lots of modeled, group, and individual practice. Here is one of our projects from last week and a few that I really enjoyed grading.

Here is the assignment that they see on Google Classroom. We always come to the carpet to discuss assignments before they are given. All questions are answered and then they complete them during stations during the week and morning work time. 

The attachments were extras to help them with their project if they needed. 

The rubric......

Here is some of the work turned in. They had a great time working on these projects! I enjoyed hearing their discussions!!!


Enjoy your week!!!